"I  Ihighly recommend the copper I.D tags & collar on any animal that is suffering witharthritis, or stiff joints due too age or some type of trama the joints have expereninced."   " It has shown an inprovement by 90 to 100% in the releif of these symptoms,giving the animal a new lease on life without pain & suffering. It is a great combitnation having a medical purpose to the normal I.D. tags and collar. I myself wear a copper bracelet for the releif of arthritis from sports injurys.   It has improved my life a great deal and I bring homeopathic treatment into my practice. I  first heard of the copper I.D. tags & collars from a wild animal trainer , 'Susan Mechsner' who was useing them on her wolfs .   The leader of the pack  was suffering and being shuned to the wayside because of mobility due to obvious pain  and stiffness in moving. She thought " I wear copper bracelets for my arthritis and it has improved my life a great deal, why should animals have to suffer. So after  researsh she developed a copper collar and placed it on the wolf and within 14 days the wolf was up and running , very mobil, and leading the pack showing no signs of pain.  Now we have been useing copper collars and I.D. tags for all size animals who suffer from arthritis and mobility problems due to inflammation  of joints and degenerative joint disease."  That is why I carry them in my office and recommend them to my clients.                                                  Dr. William shaw ,D.V.M.
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